Signals and Systems – Alan Oppenheim – 2nd Edition


The second edition of this well-known and respected text can be used as the basis for a one semester or two undergraduate course in Signals and Theory of Systems and Applications.

Topics include signals and basic concepts of systems, time invariant linear systems (LTI), representations of continuous time and time signals, the CT and Fourier DT transforms, and the time and frequency domain methods of analysis.

The author emphasizes the applications of theory through numerous examples in filtering, sampling, communications and retrofeeding. The parallel development of continuous time and discrete time domain methods allows the reader to apply ideas and intuition across the two domains. It also facilitates a deeper understanding of the material by focusing on the similarities and differences between the two domains.

The text also includes introductory chapters on and theory. This is supposed to have a background calculation, as well as exposure to complex numbers and elementary differential equations. Due to its thoroughness and slow pace, this text is highly recommended for students and people interested in self-learning.

Table of Contents

1 Signals and Signal Processing
2 Time-Domain Representation of Signals and Systems
3 Transform-Domain Representation of Discrete-Time Sequences
4 Transform-Domain Representation of LTI Systems
5 Digital Processing of Continuous-Time Signals
6 Digital Filter Structures
7 Digital Filter Design
8 D.S.P. Algorithm Implementation Considerations
9 Analysis of Finite Word-Length Effects
10 Multi-Rate Digital Signal Processing
11 Applications of Digital Signal Processing
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