Simulation – Sheldon M. Ross – 4th Edition


Ross’s Simulation; Fourth Edition introduces aspiring and practicing actuaries; ; computer and others to the practical aspects of constructing computerized simulation studies to analyze and interpret real . Readers learn to apply results of these analyses to in a wide variety of to obtain effective; accurate solutions and make predictions about future outcomes.

This text explains how a computer can be used to generate random numbers; and how to use these random numbers to generate the behavior of a stochastic model over time. It presents the statistics needed to analyze simulated data as well as that needed for validating the simulation model.

Table of Contents

Elements of Probability
Random Numbers
Generating Discrete Random Variables
Generating Continuous Random Variables
The Discrete Event Simulation Approach
Statistical Analysis of Simulated Data
Variance Reduction Techniques
Statistical Validation Techniques
Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods
Some Additional Topics
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