Soil Mechanics Calculations Principles and Methods – Victor N. Kaliakin – 1st Edition


Mechanics: Calculations, Principles, and provides expert insights into the nature of soil mechanics through the use of calculation and problem-solving techniques. This informed reference begins with and calculations, illustrating meanings of the unit weight of soil, specific gravity, water content, void ratio, porosity, saturation, and their typical values.

This is followed by calculations that illustrate the need for identification, classification, and ways to obtain soil particle size distribution, including sizes smaller than 0.075mm, performance, and the use of liquid and plastic limit tests. The goes on to provide expert coverage regarding the use of soil identification and classification systems (both Unified Soil Classification System and AASHTO), and also includes concerning soil compaction and field applications, hydraulic conductivity and seepage, soil compressibility and field application, and shear strength and field application.

– Presents common methods used for calculating relationships
– Covers compressibility and field application and calculations
– Includes compaction and field application calculations
– Provides shear strength and field application calculations
– Includes hydraulic conductivity and seepage calculations

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  • Chapter 1 - Example Problems Involving Phase Relations for Soils
    Chapter 2 - Example Problems Related to Soil Identification and Classification
    Chapter 3 - Example Problems Related to Compaction of Soils
    Chapter 4 - Stresses, Strains, and Elastic Response of Soils
    Chapter 5 - Example Problems Involving In Situ Stresses Under Hydrostatic Conditions
    Chapter 6 - Example Problems Involving One-Dimensional Fluid Flow in Soils
    Chapter 7 - Example Problems Involving Two-Dimensional Fluid Flow in Soils
    Chapter 8 - Example Problems Related to Compressibility and Settlement of Soils
    Chapter 9 - Example Problems Related to Time Rate of Consolidation
    Chapter 10 - Example Problems Related to Shear Strength of Soils
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