Soil Mechanics and Foundations – Muni Budhu – 3rd Edition


oil and Foundations 3rd Edition presents the basic concepts and principles of and foundations in the context of basic mechanics, physics, and mathematics. It is appropriate for a single course combining introduction to soil mechanics and foundations, or for a two-course sequence.

The author presents topics thoroughly and systematically without diluting technical rigor, and gives students confidence in learning the principles of and its application to foundation analysis by clearly defining what they should learn from this text, and providing tools to help them organize and assess their own learning.

Discover the principles that support the practice! With its simplicity in presentation, this text makes the difficult concepts of mechanics and foundations much easier to understand. The author explains basic concepts and fundamental principles in the context of basic mechanics, physics, and mathematics.

From Practical Situations and Essential Points to Practical Examples, this text is packed with helpful hints and examples that make the material crystal clear. You’ll have many unique opportunities for interactive exploration, as you learn the fundamentals of mechanics, including:

  • How to characterize and classify soils
  • How to plan and conduct a investigation
  • The role of effective stresses, consolidation, shear strength, and critical state mechanics linking consolidation and shear strength
  • The effects of seepage on stability
  • How to estimate bearing capacity and settlement
  • How to analyze and design simple geotechnical systems
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Table of Contents

1 Introduction to Soil Mechanics and Foundations.
2 Geological Characteristics of Soils and Particle Sizes of Soils.
3 Soils Investigation.
4 Physical Soil Parameters and Soil Classification.
5 Soil Compaction.
6 One-Dimensional Flow of Water Through Soils.
7 Stresses, Strains, and Elastic Deformations of Soils.
8 Stress Path.
9 One-Dimensional Consolidation Settlement of Fine-Grained Soils.
10 Shear Strength of Soils.
11 A Critical State Model to Interpret Soil Behavior.
12 Bearing Capacity of Soils and Settlement of Shallow Foundations.
13 Pile Foundations.
14 Two-Dimensional Flow of Water Through Soils.
15 Stability of Earth Retaining Structures.
16 Slope Stability.

Appendix A A Collection of Frequently Used Soil Parameters and Correlations.
Appendix B Distribution of Vertical Stress and Elastic Displacement Under a Uniform Circular Load.
Appendix C Distribution of Surface Stresses within Finite Soil Layers.
Appendix D Lateral Earth Pressure Coefficients (Kerisel and ABSI, 1990).

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