Solid State Electronic Devices- B.G. Streetman, B. Sanjay – 6th Edition


This classic textbook of Introduction to Electronic , in its sixth edition maintains the two objectives and basic concepts of development, for semiconductor ; with which the current and future devices can be understood. It also provides its readers with a solid understanding of current semiconductor devices.
The is useful for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students in electrical and electronic , and can also be very useful for engineers and interested in upgrading their of modern electronics.

Table of Contents

Crystal Properties and Growth of Semiconductors.
Atoms and Electrons.
Energy Bands and Charge Carriers in Semiconductors.
Excess Carriers in Semiconductors.
Field-Effect Transistors.
Bipolar Junction Transistors.
Optoelectronic Devices.
Integrated Circuits.
High-Frequency and High-Power Devices.

I. Definitions of Commonly Used Symbols.
II. Physical Constants and Conversion Factors.
III. Properties of Semiconductor Materials.
IV. Derivation of the Density of States in the Conduction Band.
V. Derivation of Fermi-Dirac Statistics.
VI. Dry and Wet Thermal Oxide Thickness Grown on Si (100) as a Function of Time and Temperature.
VII. Solid Solubilities of Impurities in Si.
VIII. Diffusivities of Dopants in Si and SiO2.
IX. Projected Range an Straggle as Function of Implant Energy in Si.
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