Solutions on Embedded Systems – Conti, Orcioni, Martinez, Seepld – 1st Edition


have an increasing importance in our everyday lives. The growing complexity of embedded and the emerging trend to interconnections between them lead to new challenges. Intelligent solutions are necessary to overcome these challenges and to provide reliable and secure systems to the customer under the strict time and budget.

Solutions on Embedded Systems documents results of several innovative approaches that provide intelligent solutions in embedded systems. The objective is to present mature approaches, to provide detailed information on the implementation and to discuss the results obtained.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Performance of Gossip Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks
Chapter 2: Using a Prioritized Medium Access Control Protocol for Incrementally Obtaining an Interpolation of Sensor Readings
Chapter 3: Embedded Systems in the Poseidon MK6 Rebreather
Chapter 4: Embedded Data Logging Platform for Research in Diving Physiology
Chapter 5: IEEE 1451 Sensor Interfacing and Data Fusion in Embedded Systems
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