Sound System Engineering – Don Davis – 1st Edition


A guide in the day-to-day work of designing . It examines a step-by-step method of accurately predicting such variables as acoustic gain, speech intelligibility, and required electrical input power while plans are still on the drawing board. It gives an history of audio, and details of audio mathematics, and acoustic instrumentation.

, is a practical and useful addition to the audio engineering library. It succesfully addresses the audience intended by the authors, and is a worthy successor to the prior editions. This book is a treasure trove of about the design and implementation of , and can be strongly recommended to those readers, who having the requisite practical and/or academic background, are seeking to enlarge their understanding of a particular aspect of the subject…Personally, I expect that Sound Engineering will become an invaluable . The authors and editors are to be commended for the clarity of the presentation and the production of a text that is relatively free from error.

Table of Contents

1. Mathematics for Audio Systems
2. Using the decibel
3. Interfacing Electrical and Acoustical Systems
4. Loudspeaker Directivity and Coverage
5. The Acoustic Environment
6. Audio and Acoustic Measurements
7. Large Room Acoustics
8. Small Room Acoustics
9. Designing for Acoustic Gain
10. Designing for Speech Intelligibility
11. Microphones
12. Loudspeakers and Loudspeaker Arrays
13. Signal Delay and Signal Synchronization
14. Signal Processing
15. Sound System Equalization
16. Putting it all together and keeping it all together
Appendix 1 Symbols and Abbreviations
Appendix 11 Wiring Practices
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