Statistics for Business and Economics – David R. Anderson – 9th Edition


This market leading offers a proven, comprehensive, -oriented approach. Written by authors who are highly regarded in the field, the text provides sound methodological development. The discussion and development of each technique is presented in an application setting, with the results providing insights to and to problems.

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Table of Contents

1. Data and Statistics.
2. Descriptive Statistics: Tabular and Graphical Presentations.
3. Descriptive Statistics: Numerical Measures.
4. Introduction to Probability.
5. Discrete Probability Distributions.
6. Continuous Probability Distributions.
7. Sampling and Sampling Distributions.
8. Interval Estimation.
9. Hypothesis Testing.
10. Statistical Inference about Means and Proportions with Two Populations.
11. Inferences about Population Variances.
12. Tests of Goodness of Fit and Independence.
13. Analysis of Variance and Experimental Design.
14. Simple Linear Regression.
15. Multiple Regression.
16. Regression Analysis: Model Building.
17. Index Numbers.
18. Forecasting.
19. Nonparametric Methods.
20. Statistical Methods for Quality Control.
21. Decision Analysis.
22. Sample Survey (on CD).
Appendix A: References and Bibliography.
Appendix B: Tables.
Appendix C: Summation Notation.
Appendix D: Self-Test Solutions and Answers to Even-Numbered Exercises.

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Mustafa Ghanem
06/11/2016 9:56 am

My favorite part about this textbook is that it has unit-guides which are like a table-of-contents flowchart, which helped me use the textbook and understand the scope of the material I wanted very quickly.

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