Statistics: The Exploration and Analysis of Data – Roxy Peck, Jay Devore – 7th Edition


: The and of Data, 7th Edition introduces you to the study of statistics and data by using real data and attention-grabbing examples.

The authors guide you through an intuition-based that stresses interpretation and of statistical information. Simple –including the frequent substitution of words for symbols–helps you grasp concepts and cement your comprehension.

Table of Contents

1. The role of statistics and the data analysis process.
2. Collecting data sensibly.
3. Graphical methods for describing data
4. Numerical methods for describing data
5. Summarizing bivariate data
6. Probability.8. Sampling variability and sampling distribution
9. Estimation using a single sample
10. Hypothesis testing using a single sample
11. Comparing two populations or treatments
12. The analysis of categorical data and goodness-of-fit tests
13. Simple linear regression and correlation: inferential methods
14. Multiple regression analysis
15. Analysis of variance.
16. Nonparametric
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