Strength of Materials – G. H. Ryder – 3rd Edition


Strength of 3rd Edition (English) by G. H. Ryder is especially designed to help those students pursuing their third semester in their Masters in Engineering. The provides the student with a clear understanding of the principles of design. It also includes an analysis to certain problems.

All the chapters in the include numbered so as to make the simple and easy to follow. The principles, formulae and methods in the book are summarized at the end of each chapter thus making study easy. The examples in the book are worked out so as to give the student a clear explanation.

Strength of covers the study of the behaviour of structural and members under the action of external loads. Analysis is directed towards determining the limiting loads, that the member can stand before failure of the material or excessive deformation. To this end, three basic sets of relations can be obtained. The highlights the of these conditions.

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  • 1. Introduction
    2. Direct Stress
    3. Shear Stress
    4. Compound Stress and Strain
    5. Elastic Constants
    6. Shearing Force and Bending Moment
    7. Bending Stress
    8. Shear Stress in Beams
    9. Torsion
    10. Deflection of Beams
    11. Built-in and Continuous Beams
    12. Bending of Curved Bars and Rigid Frames
    13. Plastic Theory of Bending
    14. Springs
    15. Struts
    16. Cylinders and Spheres
    17. Rotating Discs and Cylinders
    18. Circular Plates
    19. Vibrations and Critical Speeds
    20. Material Testing and Experimental Methods
    21. Appendix
    22. Index
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