Strength Of Materials – Andrew Pytel & Ferdinand Singer – 4th Edition


It continues its tradition as one of the main texts in the market. With its clarity and accuracy stamp, this text develops understanding along with analytical and skills. Key topics include analysis and of structural members subject to tensile , , , bending and more. The includes more material than can be taught in a single course and gives instructors the opportunity to select the subjects they wish to cover while leaving any remaining material as a valuable reference for the student.

Key Features:

The solution completely in Spanish, offers more than 1000 solved and very well explained. The exercises are grouped according to the order of difficulty, with the very long or difficult problems indicated by one or more stars.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Simple effort
Chapter 2. Simple deformation
Chapter 3.Torsion
Chapter 4. Shear force and bending moment in beams
Chapter 5. Strenghtening Beams
Chapter 6. Deformation in beams
Chapter 7. Statically indeterminate beams
Chapter 8. Continuous beams
Chapter 9. Combined Efforts
Chapter 10. Reinforced beams
Chapter 11. Columns
Chapter 12. Rivets and welded joints
Chapter 13. Special Topics
Chapter 14. Inelastic Compounding
Chapter 15. Additional information
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