Successful Project Management – Jack Gido, James P. Clements – 4th Edition


The fourth edition of SUCCESSFUL MANAGEMENT covers everything you need to know about working successfully in a project environment, including how to organize and manage effective project teams. is also emphasized, with a focus on how to document and communicate developments, both within and outside of the team. In-depth coverage of planning, scheduling and management is also provided.

The authors’ goal is to provide many cases that are fun and elicit interesting debates, and this edition includes new end-of-chapter cases. In addition, all new up-to-date Real World Management vignettes are included at the beginning and within each chapter, giving you a taste of how is practically applied in the workplace. Key points of each chapter are highlighted in Critical Success Factor boxes, providing an overview of the main ideas covered within the chapter.

End-of-chapter materials contain and exercises that allow you to apply the concepts covered in the chapter. Sprinkled throughout each chapter are boxed questions designed to test your comprehension of key concepts. A trial version of MicrosoftA(R) Office 2007 is included for use on class projects.

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  • Part 1: The life of project 2
    Part 2: Project planning and control 111
    Part 3: People: the key to project succes 299
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