Teach Yourself JAVA in 21 Days – Laura Lemay – 1st Edition


Teach Yourself JAVA in 21 Days covers the basics of Java in the first few chapters, and then moves on to practical issues of Java and in-depth discussions of more advanced topics. Later chapters also delve into software topics, with discussions of modular code and programming. CGI is covered in one chapter, but it is not the focus on the book.

The relies heavily on longer working examples and code, as opposed to small snippets and code fragments, and each chapter includes two to three smaller complete examples and one major one that illustrates most of the concepts for that chapter and builds on the chapters before it. Written by Laura Lemay, this is her third major book after Sams Teach Yourself Publishing with HTML in 21 Days and Sams Teach Yourself Pearl in 21 Days.

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Table of Contents

Week I: The Java Language
Day 1: Getting Started with Java
Day 2: The ABCs of Programming
Day 3: Working with Objects
Day 4: Lists, Logic, and Loops
Day 5: Creating Classes and Methods
Day 6: Packages, Interfaces, and Other Class Features
Day 7: Exceptions, Assertions, and Threads

Week II: The Java Class Library
Day 8: Data Structures
Day 9: Working with Swing
Day 10: Building a Swing Interface
Day 11: Arranging Components on a User Interface
Day 12: Responding to User Input
Day 13: Using Color, Fonts, and Graphics
Day 14: Developing Swing Applications

Week III: Java Programming
Day 15: Working with Input and Output
Day 16: Serializing and Examining Objects
Day 17: Communicating Across the Internet
Day 18: Accessing Databases with JDBC
Day 19: Reading and Writing RSS Feeds
Day 20: XML Web Services
Day 21: Writing Java Servlets and Java Server Pages

Appendix A: Using the Java Development Kit
Appendix B: Programming with the Java Development Kit
Appendix C: This Book’s Website


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