The Calculus – Louis Leithold – 7th Edition


7 is a work designed both for mathematics specialization courses and for whose primary interest lies in engineering, physical and . or non-technical . The exhibition is appropriate to the experience and maturity of the beginner. </ P> </ div>

The detailed explanations, the abundant examples developed as well as the great variety of exercises, continue being the distinguishing characteristics of the text. The is in a complete Spanish from the prologue to the index and the solution counts on all the exercises and problems completely solved and explained step by step, to understand them without problems.

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Table of Contents

Functions, Limits, and Continuity
Derivative and differentiation
Behavior of functions and their graphs, extreme values and approximations
Integral defined and integration
Logarithmic, exponential, inverse and hyperbolic trigonometric functions
Additional applications of the defined integral
Integration techniques, unspecified indeterminate and integral forms
Polynomial approximations, successions and infinite series
Parametric equations, flat curves and polar graphs
Vectors, lines, planes and surfaces in space
Vector Functions
Differential calculation of functions of more than one variable
Multiple Integration
Introduction to Vector Field Calculation
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