The Engineering of Chemical Reactions – Lanny D. Schmidt – 1st Edition


I learned about the reactors in the knees of Rutherford Aris and Neal Amundson, when, as a surface chemist, I taught recitation sections and then lectured at the undergraduate course in Reaction in Minnesota. The text was Aris’ Elementary Chemical Reaction Analysis, a that was obviously elegant but did not seem at first elementary.

He described the effects of porous pellet on chemical reactors and the complexities of non-isothermal reactors in a very way, but for many students it seemed to be an exercise in applied mathematics with dimensionless variables rather than a description of chemical reactors .

Table of Contents

Part i: fundamentals
1. Introduction
2. Reaction rates, the batch reactor, and the real world
3. Single reactions in continuous isothermal reactors
4. Multiple reactions in continuous reactors
5. Nonisothermal reactors
6. Multiple steady states and transients
7. Catalytic reactors and mass transfer

part ii: applications
8. Nonideal reactors, bioreactors, and environmental modeling
9. Reactions of solids
10. Chain reactions, combustion reactors, and safety
11. Polymerization reactions and reactors
12. Multiphase reactors
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