The Finite Element Method in Engineering – Singiresu S. Rao – 4th Edition


The Finite Element Method in is the only book to provide a broad overview of the underlying principles of finite element analysis and where it fits into the larger context of other mathematically based engineering analytical tools. This is an updated and improved version of a finite element text long noted for its practical applications approach, its readability, and ease of use. will find in this textbook a thorough grounding of the mathematical principles underlying the popular, analytical methods for setting up a finite element based on mathematical equations.

The book provides a host of real-world applications of finite element analysis, from structural design to in mechanics and . It has added new sections on the assemblage of element equations, as well as an important new comparison between finite element analysis and other analytical methods showing advantages and disadvantages of each.

This book will appeal to students in mechanical, structural, electrical, environmental and biomedical engineering.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Basic Procedure
Part 3: Application to Solid Mechanics Problems
Part 4: Application to Heat Transfer Problems
Part 5: Application to Fluid Mechanics Problems
Part 6: Additional Applications
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