The Finite Element Method in Engineering – Singiresu S. Rao – 5th Edition


The Finite Element Method in Engineering, Fifth Edition, provides a complete introduction to finite element methods with to solid mechanics, mechanics, and heat . Written by bestselling author S.S. Rao, this provides with a thorough grounding of the mathematical principles for setting up finite element in civil, mechanical, and aerospace engineering applications. The new edition of this textbook includes examples using modern computer tools such as MatLab, Ansys, Nastran, and Abaqus.

This book discusses a wide range of topics, including discretization of the domain, interpolation models, higher order and isoparametric elements, derivation of element matrices and vectors, of element matrices and vectors and derivation of system equations, numerical of finite element equations, basic equations of fluid mechanics, inviscid and irrotational flows, of quasi-harmonic equations, and solutions of Helmhotz and Reynolds equations. New to this edition are examples and applications in Matlab, Ansys, and Abaqus, structured problem solving approach in all worked examples, and new discussions throughout, including the direct method of deriving finite element equations, use of strong and weak form formulations, complete treatment of dynamic analysis, and detailed analysis of problems. All figures are revised and redrawn for clarity.

This book will benefit professional engineers, practicing engineers finite element methods, and students in mechanical, structural, civil, and aerospace engineering.

Table of Contents

PART 1: Introduction
Chapter 1 - Overview of Finite Element Method

PART 2: Basic Procedure
Chapter 2 - Discretization of the Domain
Chapter 3 - Interpolation Models
Chapter 4 - Higher Order and Isoparametric Elements
Chapter 5 - Derivation of Element Matrices and Vectors
Chapter 6 - Assembly of Element Matrices and Vectors and Derivation of System Equations
Chapter 7 - Numerical Solution of Finite Element Equations

PART 3: Application to Solid Mechanics Problems
Chapter 8 - Basic Equations and Solution Procedure
Chapter 9 - Analysis of Trusses, Beams, and Frames
Chapter 10 - Analysis of Plates
Chapter 11 - Analysis of Three-Dimensional Problems
Chapter 12 - Dynamic Analysis

PART 4: Application to Heat Transfer Problems
Chapter 13 - Formulation and Solution Procedure
Chapter 14 - One-Dimensional Problems
Chapter 15 - Two-Dimensional Problems
Chapter 16 - Three-Dimensional Problems

PART 5: Application to Fluid Mechanics Problems
Chapter 17 - Basic Equations of Fluid Mechanics
Chapter 18 - Inviscid and Incompressible Flows
Chapter 19 - Viscous and Non-Newtonian Flows

PART 6: Solution and Applications of Quasi-Harmonic Equations
Chapter 20 - Solution of Quasi-Harmonic Equations

PART 7: ABAQUS and ANSYS Software and MATLAB® Programs for Finite Element Analysis
Chapter 21 - Finite Element Analysis Using ABAQUS
Chapter 22 - Finite Element Analysis Using ANSYS
Chapter 23 - MATLAB Programs for Finite Element Analysis
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