The Principles of Thermodynamics – N.D. Hari Dass – 1st Edition


This text presents the conceptual and technical developments of the subject without unduly compromising neither the historical perspective nor the . It also covers the wide range of scientifically deep and technologically revolutionary . The text explains how terminodynamics evolved from a few basic laws.

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Table of Contents

- The Beginnings
- First Law—The E = Mc 2 of Thermodynamics
- The Second and Third Laws
- Carnot Cycles - The Turing Machines of Thermodynamics
- Specific Heats: Magnificent Bridges
- Structure of Thermodynamic Theories
- Thermodynamic Potentials and Maxwell Relations
- Magnetic Systems
- Dilute Solutions
- Phases and Their Equilibria
- The Clapeyron Equation
- The van der Waals Equation
- The Critical Point
- Approach to Absolute Zero
- Entropy Constants
- Some Mathematical Aspects of Thermodynamics
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