The Science and Engineering of Materials – Donald R. Askeland – 4th Edition


New edition of a classic, which in addition to describing the fundamentals of and , exemplifies them with current applications. It also rewrites and updates topics that have been incorporated into this discipline, such as , magnetic, photonic materials and thermal properties of materials in the context of innovation in many areas of engineering.

It introduces concepts such as nanodurity and microstructural characteristics of the in , glass and composite materials. It integrates elements in the design with of failure (Weibull distribution). The reorganization of the sections allows to delimit each one of the approaches and levels of application of the science and engineering of the materials.

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Table of Contents

PART 1 Structure, arrangement and movement of atoms
Chapter 1 Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering
Chapter 2 Atomic Structure
Chapter 3 Atomic and Ionic Arrays
Chapter 4 Imperfections in atomic and ionic arrangements
Chapter 5: Movement of atoms and ions in materials
PART 2 Control of microstructure and mechanical properties of materials
Chapter 6 Mechanical properties and behavior
Chapter 7 Hardening by Annealing and Annealing
Chapter 8 Principles of solidification
Chapter 9 Solid Solutions and Phase Balance
Chapter 10 Scattering hardening and eutectic phase diagrams
Chapter 11 Scattering hardening by phase transformations and heat treatment
PART 3 Engineering Materials
Chapter 12 Ferrous alloys
Chapter 13 Non-ferrous alloys
Chapter 14 Ceramic Materials
Chapter 15 Polymers
Chapter 16 Composite Materials; teamwork and synergy in materials
Chapter 17 Materials for construction
PART 4 ​​Physical Properties of Engineering Materials
Chapter 18 Electronic Materials
Chapter 19 Magnetic Materials
Chapter 20 Photonic Materials
Chapter 21 Thermal Properties of Materials
PART 5 Protection against deterioration and failure of materials
Chapter 22 Corrosion and wear
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