Theory of Machines – R. S. Khurmi, J. K. Gupta – 1st Edition


Theory of is very popular among all book published by R.S. Khurmi. He is very popular author in India as well as Abroad such as South African, USA, and Canada.

Theory of is basically a science of and its Dynamics Analysis. this subject is divided in basically two parts first one is Kinematics of Machinery and Second one is Dynamics of Machinery. A Mechanical Designer need should have very strong command in whole subject.

Here we are posting a very popular of Theory of machines. Users can download whole parts of this easily in one click. this is in multicoloured edition. and written in very easy language as well as instructor friendly.

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  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    Chapter 2: Kinematics of Motion
    Chapter 3: Kinetics of Motion
    Chapter 4: Simple Harmonic Motion
    Chapter 5: Simple Mechanisms
    Chapter 6: Velocity in Mechanisms (Instantaneous Centre Method)
    Chapter 7: Velocity in Mechanisms (Relative Velocity Method )
    Chapter 8: Acceleration in mechanisms
    Chapter 9: Mechanisms with lower pairs
    Chapter 10: Friction
    Chapter 11: Belt rope and Chain drives
    Chapter 12: Toothed gearing
    Chapter 13: Gear trains
    Chapter 14: Gyroscope Couple and Precessional Motion
    Chapter 15: Inertia force in Reciprocating Parts
    Chapter 16: Turning moment and Flywheel
    Chapter 17: Steam Engines valve and Reversing Gears Mechanism
    Chapter 18: Governors
    Chapter 19: Brakes and Dynamometers
    Chapter 20: Cams
    Chapter 21: Balancing of rotating masses
    Chapter 22: Balancing of reciprocating masses
    Chapter 23: Longitudinal and Transverse vibrations
    Chapter 24: Torsional Vibrations
    Chapter 25: Computer Analysis and Synthesis of Mechanism
    Chapter 26: Automatic Control
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28/03/2017 2:58 am

Helped me a lot through the course using the charts and the tables

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