Theory of Vibration With Applications – William Thomson – 3rd Edition


This edition includes a new chapter on the of that present the in which the most modern are developed. An example of rotor balance is presented and expanded in section on the shock spectrum and insulation.

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Table of Contents

The SI System of Units.
1. Oscillatory Motion.
2. Free Vibration.
3. Harmonically Excited Vibration.
4. Transient Vibration.
5. Systems with Two or More Degrees of Freedom.
6. Properties of Vibrating Systems.
7. Lagrange's Equation.
8. Computational Methods.
9.Vibration of Continuous Systems.
10. Introduction to the Finite Element Method.
11. Mode-Summation Procedures for Continuous Systems.
12. Classical Methods.
13. Random Vibrations.
14. Nonlinear Vibrations.

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