Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics – Phil Attard – 1st Edition


This proceeds from a unified treatment of the foundations of and statistical mechanics and builds to advanced applications. It provides a comprehensive and self-contained reference manual for the modern mathematical and computational techniques of classical equilibrium statistical mechanics, with the focus primarily on liquids and disordered systems. First principles derivations are given for formally exact results and for diagrammatic and asymptotic expansions. Integral equation and density functional methods are covered in detail, with a novel maximum interpretation offered for the latter. Applications to bulk fluids, and comprehensive treatments of inhomogeneous and Coulomb systems are given. Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics techniques are also covered, including some recently developed algorithms.

The book is characterised by lucid explanations and pedagogic presentation, which is combined with a logical organisation of the material and transparent mathematical derivations. Simple graphs and figures illustrate the text throughout, and a list of key points concludes each chapter.

Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics will be an invaluable aid to scientists who want an up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of these fields. Upper level undergaduate students, graduate students studying for a PhD or MSc, and lecturers in physical chemistry, theoretical chemistry, , or physics will also find the book an excellent reference with a fresh approach that offers a new perspective on these classical disciplines.

Table of Contents

1. Prologue
2. Isolated Systems and Thermal Equilibrium
3. Various Reservoirs
4. Probability and the General Formalism
5. Classical Statistical Mechanics
6. Ideal Systems
7. Interacting Particles
8. Diagrammatic and Functional Expansions
9. Pair Functions
10. Functional and Perturbation Theory
11. Inhomogeneous Systems
12. Coulomb Systems
13. Computer Simulations
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