Transport Phenomena – R. Bird, W. Stewart, E. Lightfoot – 2nd Edition


The of phenomena has been so rapid and extensive that it is impossible to comprehend it completely in one book. Although many representative examples have been included, the primary interest has been the basic aspects of this field. In this edition has included enough material to cover two modalities of courses: one introductory and one advanced. The elementary course, in turn, can be divided into a on of momentum and another on and of matter, which provides more opportunities to demonstrate the usefulness of this material in practical applications.

Identification of some sections as optional and others as advanced may be useful for students and teachers. Throughout the text priority is given to citations and bibliographical references, in order to locate phenomena in their own historical context and to guide the reader who wants to delve into the study of and applications.

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  • Chapter 0. The theme of transport phenomena
    Part I. Transport of momentum
    Chapter 1 Viscosity and Mechanisms of Movement Amount Transport
    Chapter 2 Sheets of movement in the envelope and velocity distributions in laminar flow
    Chapter 3 Variation equations for isothermal systems
    Chapter 4 Speed ​​distributions with more than one independent variable
    Chapter 5 Turbulent flow velocity distributions
    Chapter 6 Interface transport in isothermal systems
    Chapter 7 Macroscopic balances for systems with isothermal flow
    Chapter 8 Polymeric Liquids
    Part II. Transport of energy
    Chapter 9 Thermal Conductivity and Energy Transport Mechanisms
    Chapter 10 Energy balance in the envelope and temperature distributions in solids and in laminar flow
    Chapter 11 Variation equations for non-isothermal systems
    Chapter 12 Temperature distributions with more than one independent variable
    Chapter 13 Turbulent flow temperature distributions
    Chapter 14 Interphase transport in non-isothermal systems
    Chapter 15 Macroscopic balances for non-isothermal systems
    Chapter 16 Radiation energy transport
    Part III Transport of matter
    Chapter 17 Diffusivity and the transport mechanisms of matter
    Chapter 18 Concentration distributions in solids and laminar flow
    Chapter 19 Variation equations for multi-component systems
    Chapter 20 Concentration distributions with more than one independent variable
    Chapter 21 Turbulent flow concentration distributions
    Chapter 22 Interphase transfer in non-isothermal mixtures
    Chapter 23 Macroscopic balances in multi-component systems
    Chapter 24 Other transport mechanisms of matter
    Appendix A. Vector and tensor notation
    Appendix B. Flow densities and the equations of variation
    Appendix C. Mathematical Themes
    Appendix D. The kinetic theory of gases
    Appendix E. Tables for predicting transport properties
    Appendix F. Constants and conversion factors
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