Turning of Industrial Control Systems – Armando B. Corripio – 2nd Edition


Suitable for beginners, this book takes a practical, but systematic approach to tuning. The aim is to provide insight into tuning procedures rather than a series of formulas to be memorized. The author gives helpful rules of thumb to speed the learning process during field training. The text begins with a discussion of common techniques for measuring the dynamic response of a process and choosing appropriate performance criteria.

Later chapters cover selection and tuning of feedback control modes, including computer- and microprocessor-based controllers, and advanced modes.

This Second Edition includes numerous examples of tuning, including the effect of hysteresis in flow control loops, averaging and tight level control, cascade control of a jacketed chemical reactor, feedforward control of a heater, and loop interaction and ratio control in a blender. Also included, is an introduction to a model reference control and a chemical reactor control example to illustrate it.

Table of Contents

Unit 1. Introduction and Overview
Unit 2. Feedback Controllers
Unit 3. Open-Loop Characterization of Process Dynamics
Unit 4. How to Tune Feedback Controllers
Unit 5. Mode Selection and Tuning Common Feedback Loops
Unit 6. Computer Feedback Control
Unit 7. Tuning Cascade Control Systems
Unit 8. Feedforward and Ratio Control
Unit 9. Multivariable Control Systems
Unit 10. Adaptive and Self-Tuning Control

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