Understanding Our Environment: An introduction to Environmental Chemistry and Pollution – Roy M. Harrision – 3rd Edition


As an introductory text aimed at those who have little background of the field and who require only a modest background in science; the understanding of our has no parallel. This third edition improves the position of the title by developing a more international approach. By uniting all important media; such as the atmosphere; freshwater; oceans and solid earth; it also emphasizes the interconnections between these media. The main human and environmental impacts of are summarized; and case studies are included as illustrations of the necessary measures for control. Examples and solved are included to facilitate both teaching and learning of the subject. This book will be an essential reading for of environmental and related areas; as well as for scientists and in the industry.

Table of Contents

• Introduction
• The Atmosphere
• Freshwaters
• The Oceans
• Land Contamination and Reclamation
• Environmental Cycling of Pollutants
• Environmental Monitoring Strategies
• Ecological and Health Effects of Chemical Pollution
• Managing Environmental Quality.
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