Vector Calculus – Susan J. Colley – 4th Edition


, Fourth Edition, uses the language and notation of and matrices to teach calculus. It is ideal for students with a solid background in single- calculus who are capable of thinking in more general terms about the topics in the .

This text is distinguished from others by its readable narrative, numerous figures, thoughtfully selected examples, and carefully crafted exercise sets. Colley includes not only basic and advanced exercises, but also mid-level exercises that form a necessary bridge between the two. Instructors will appreciate the mathematical precision, level of rigor, and full selection of topics.

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Table of Contents

1. Vectors
2. Differentiation in Several Variables
3. Vector-Valued Functions
4. Maxima and Minima in Several Variables
5. Multiple Integration
6. Line Integrals
7. Surface Integrals and Vector Analysis
8. Vector Analysis in Higher Dimensions
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